Friday, February 5, 2021

On Upcoming FOSDEM 2021

FOSDEM 2021 starts tomorrow. This time I have 3 talks to present. Here they are, in the order of appearance, with links to my related blog posts:

  1. "Upgrading to a newer major version of MariaDB" - it should start at 10:30 on Saturday in the MariaDB devroom and is mostly devoted to mysql_upgrade. Related blog posts are:
  2. "Monitoring MariaDB Server with bpftrace on Linux" - it should start at 12:40 on Sunday in the Monitoring and Observability devroom and is devoted to bpftrace basics. A lot more information is provided in recent blog posts:
  3. "Linux /proc filesystem for MySQL DBAs" - this talk should start at 15:00 on Sunday in MySQL devroom and is devoted to a totally different (comparing to dynamic tracing I am so big fan of) way to get insights about MySQL internal working, waits etc - sampling of files in /proc file system. I had written 3 blog posts on the topic:

Slides are uploaded to the talks pages and will be shared via SlideShare. Draft, longer versions of the talks that I've recorded but FOSDEM system had not accepted will also be shared at my YouTube channel soon.

Usual view on my way to FOSDEM ULB site... I miss Brussels!

Other talks in these devrooms that I consider interesting (will not be able to attend them all live though):

See you there! FOSDEM was a real driver of my more or less advanced performance studies this year.

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