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What mysql_upgrade really does in MariaDB, Part II, Bugs and Missing Features

Both /proc sampling and bpftrace are cool topics to write about, but I should not forget my third upcoming talk at FOSDEM 2021 in less than 2 weeks, "Upgrading to a newer major version of MariaDB", that is mostly devoted to mysql_upgrade internals and is based on this blog post. Today I am going to provide some more background details and, probably for the first time, act as MariaDB entomologist and study some bug reports and feature requests related to mysql_upgrade (a.k.a. mariadb-upgrade in 10.5+) that were added over last 10 months or so.

I tried different ways to search for MariaDB JIRA issues related to mysql_upgrade. For examle, this is how I tried to find any bugs in mysql_upgrade closed over last two months (I recall there were few):

text ~ mysql_upgrade AND project = "MariaDB Server" AND status = Closed AND createdDate >= "2020-12-01" ORDER BY createdDate DESC

I've got a list of 7 reports, with 2 relevant bugs that are already fixed:

  • MDEV-24566 - "mysql_upgrade failed with "('mariadb.sys'@'localhost') does not exist" and mariadb 10.4/10.5 on docker". This is fixed in current docker images at https://hub.docker.com/r/mariadb/server. The problem was related to the Docker image only, and mysql_upgrade was actually affected by the initial database content there.
  • MDEV-24452 - "ALTER TABLE event take infinite time which for example breaks mysql_upgrade". Now this was a real blocker bug in recent 10.5. If any event managed to start before you executed mysql_upgrade, the utility and proper upgrade process was blocked. Good to see this fixed in upcoming 10.5.9.

So, Monty really fixes related bugs when they are reported, as promised. Let's consider now the following query, still not closed issues reported since April 1, 2020:

text ~ "mysql_upgrade" AND project = "MariaDB Server" AND status != Closed AND createdDate >= "2020-04-01" ORDER BY createdDate DESC

I checked then one by one (as they may be related to upgrade process but not to mysql_upgrade specifically) and placed into two lists, bugs and feature requests. Let me start with tasks (feature requests), so you know what was kind of missing by design or has to be done differently:

  • MDEV-24586 - "remove scripts/mysql_to_mariadb.sql". Actually proper logic is implemented in scripts/mysql_system_tables_fix.sql that forms part of mysql_upgrade, so separate script is no longer needed.
  • MDEV-24540 - "Detect incompatible MySQL virtual columns and report in error log." MariaDB does not support migration from MySQL-generated physical database tables containing virtual columns, and produces column mismatch errors, failures in mysql_upgrade etc. It would be great to have proper error messages from mysql_upgrade in this case, explaining the real problem and possible solutions (dump, drop and reload or whatever).
  • MDEV-24453 - "mysql_upgrade does not honor --verbose parameter". It is not passed to other binaries called and this may make debugging upgrade issues more complex.
  • MDEV-24316 - "cross upgrade from MySQL - have precheck tool". According to the reporter, Daniel Black, the goal would be to check on a database/global scale looking at tables, at features used, at settings, at character sets in table and determine the "migratablilty" of a given MySQL instance. I voted for this feature!
  • MDEV-24093 - "Detect during mysql_upgrade if type_mysql_json.so is needed and load it". After MDEV-18323, MYSQL_JSON type is available as a dynamically loadable plugin. To make mysql_upgrade runs seamlessly we need to make sure it is loaded appropriately and unloaded when done with upgrade). This is already in review, so will be implemented really soon.
  • MDEV-23962 - "Remove arc directory support". I think only Monty (bug reporter) knows what is this about. I don't :)
  • MDEV-23008 - "store mysql_upgrade version info in system table instead of local file". One of the really important feature requests from my colleague since 2005, Hartmut Holzgraefe.
  • MDEV-22357 - "Clearing InnoDB autoincrement counter when upgrading from MariaDB < 10.2.4". CHECK TABLE ... FOR UPGRADE should work differently for InnoDB tables, for mysql_upgrade to work properly.
  • MDEV-22323 - "Upgrading MariaDB". This is the "umbrella" task to cover all problematic  cases of MySQL to MariaDB, Percona Server to MariaDB and minor MariaDB server upgrades.
  • MDEV-22322 - "Percona Server -> Mariadb Upgrades". Summary of all the related issues. See MDEV-22679 etc.

Now back to more or less serious bugs that are still waiting for the fix:

  • MDEV-24579 - "Error table->get_ref_count() after update to 10.5.8". It seems DDL executed on mysql.* tables with InnoDB persistent statistics (like those executed by mysql_upgrade!) may cause problems for concurrent queries (up to assertion failure in this case). So we either should remove those tables (I wish!) or do something with mysql_upgrade, or (IMHO even better) do not let users connect and execute queries while mysql_upgrade is running, like MySQL 8 does when the server is started for the first time on older datadir and performs upgrade. Take care in the meantime...
  • MDEV-23652 - "Assertion failures upon reading InnoDB system table after normal upgrade from 10.2". Now this is a real bug :) Assertion failure during mysql_upgrade, this is surely something to fix!
  • MDEV-23636 - "mysql_upgrade [ERROR] InnoDB: Fetch of persistent statistics requested for table". I am not sure what's going on here, and why.
  • MDEV-23392 - "main.mysql_upgrade_view failed in buildbot with another wrong result". MTR test case failures is something to care about.
  • MDEV-22683 - "mysql_upgrade misses some changes to mysql schema". Over ttime and different versions, some structures in mysql schema get changed, but not all the changes make it to the scripts executed by mysql_ugrade. As a result a schema freshly created by mysql_install_db on a versions 10.x.y differs from a schema created on an earlier version and upgraded to 10.x.y by mysql_ugrade. The real diffs are listed, per version, in this bug report from Elena Stepanova.
  • MDEV-22655 - "CHECK TABLE ... FOR UPGRADE fails to report old datetime format". That's my favorite, unfortunately. Makes running mysql_upgrade useless for some cases of upgrade from pre-5.6 MySQL versions and leads to problems for tables partioned by datetime etc columns. See also MDEV-24499 - "Server upgrade causes compound index and related query to fail.".
  • MDEV-22645 - "default_role gets removed when migrating from 10.1 to 10.4". May have something to do with mydumper/myloader used, but still a problem.
  • MDEV-22482 - "pam v2: mysql_upgrade doesn't fix the ownership/privileges of auth_pam_tool". No comments.
  • MDEV-22477 - "mysql_upgrade fails with sql_notes=OFF". mysql_ugrade, or, more exactly mysql_system_tables.sql, uses @@warning_count variable in the upgrade logic. The variable, in turn, depends on the value of sql_notes. When it is OFF, @@warnings_count is not incremented, and mysql_upgrade doesn't work as expected.
After Monty's post in April 2020 many new mysql_upgrade bugs were reported, and some were already fixed. So, we are on the way...

* * *

To summarize:

  1. There are still some bugs and missing features in mysql_ugrade.
  2. MariaDB actively works on fixing them, as once promised by Monty.
  3. Check the lists in this blog post if you plan to upgrade to recent MariaDB 10.x.y versions, carefully.
  4. Please, report any problem with mysql_upgrade or upgrades in general to our JIRA.

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