Sunday, February 14, 2021

What about the "Fun with Bugs" series on YouTube?

My "Fun with Bugs" series of blog posts about interesting or badly handled MySQL bug reports ended more than 7 months ago. The time had come for that. But I honestly miss that media for bitching about something wrong in MySQL once in a while...

The year of COVID-19 pandemic with video conferences that replaced normal offline ones forced me to start recording videos, and I even used to like the process so much that I am working on my wife's channel content as a hobby. I've created my own channel as well, for uploading some draft/bad/long/extended videos recorded in the process of work on my online talks:

Being fluent enough with recording videos at home (using different software tools and cameras) and publishing them at YouTube, I wonder now if it makes sense to turn this activity into a regular and MySQL-concentrated one? My next talk(s) will be submitted to Percona Live 2021, but it means they may go live only in May, and I'd like to be on screens earlier than that.

So, I wonder should I maybe have a regular video recordings shared, let's say, once a week every Tuesday, up to 5 minutes long at most, and devoted to some MySQL-related topics? What topics would you like me to cover? Would you mind if it will be a five minutes talk about a recent MySQL bug report or few of them, either interesting in general or badly handled by my former Oracle colleagues? Something else to better spend megabytes of video on? Leave it to younger and more attractive and experienced speakers? Keep writing here or stop bitching about the bugs once and for good?

I am waiting for your comments in this blog post and in social media that I'll share it till March 5, 2021. Then I'll decide on how to proceed with this regular YouTube videos idea.


  1. Hi Valerii,

    I might be old school, but I prefer blog posts about interesting bugs, but in the absence of posts, I would watch videos.

    One of the reasons I prefer posts is that they are indexed by Google.

    Cheers, JFG

    1. I am old school too and I prefer texts that I can find via Google. Few people read texts about bugs, though. My idea was to have and share some fun, not even knowledge or experience.

  2. useful hands-on tutorials about debugging techniques, of which you have a plenty, are much better if they are searchable-googleable text, thus I'd prefer it in text. Personally, I do not mind at all, if "fun with MySQL bugs" moves to youtube though.

    1. I have to agree that any howto texts are much more useful than yet another list of bugs with sarcastic comments. Just trying to find a way to still be an entomologist of a kind and make sarcastic comments about MySQL bugs handling somewhere. Probably I'll keep using Twitter for that.