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Fun with Bugs #95 - On MySQL Bug Reports I am Subscribed to, Part XXIX

With conferences cancelled or postponed and people forced to stay at home due to COVID-19 wide spreading, what can be better than to give my readers a new list of MySQL bugs to check? Useful reading should help! So today I continue my previous post with a quick review of bugs I've subscribed to in February, 2020, while things were still going as usual for most of us...

Here is the list of InnoDB, replication, optimizer and some other bugs to note while working with recent MySQL 5.7.x and 8.0.19 releases:
  • Bug #98473 - "group replication will be block after lock table". This problem report by phoenix Zhang was declared not a bug recently. Looks like for group_replication_consistency= BEFORE_AND_AFTER it is expected to get nodes blocked if one of them executed LOCK TABLE ... WRITE and another tried to insert some rows into that table. Check last comment by Nuno Carvalho for more details. Having multiple nodes that change or block data in clusters is always fun. See also Bug #98643 - "group replication will be block primary node shutdown" from the same bug reporter. Analysis is still in progress for it
  • Bug #98498 - "P_S view status_by_thread does not reflect correct results". This bug was reported by Oli Sennhauser (my former colleague in MySQL, founder of FromDual). Really weird results in the output.
  • Bug #98501 - "Exchanging partition with tables does not update SDI correctly". Having a data dictionary is cool and useful, but the information there should be consistent in all places/forms where it is stored. Fungo Wang found and reported cases when it is wrong in the individual .ibd files for partitions or imported tablespaces. After some arguing about backups tools supported, the bug was verified.
  • Bug #98511 - "OPTIMIZE TABLE on myisam can increase table size (~2x) and reduce performance".  This funny bug looks like a regression in MySQL 8.0.x comparing to 5.7. I doubt Oracle is going to fix anything for MyISAM, but maybe the regression still matters for them. As it often happens, this bug reported by Pete Dishman was verified without adding a regression tag.
  • Bug #98520 - "Suboptimal implementations for some load/store functions for little-endian arch". Alexey Kopytov identified some remaining performance problems in low level functions like int6store() and uint6korr() in MySQL 8.0 for platforms like x86_64 or ARM64. He request to optimize those functions for little-endian architectures by providing specialized implementations, as it was done in MySQL 8.0.x for many other similar and more widely used functions.
  • Bug #98530 - "crash when inplace encryption resumes makes tablespace unusable". This bug (with nice MTR test case) was reported by Satya Bodapati from Percona. See also his another bug report, Bug #98537 - "inplace encryption resume thread doesn't update DD properly".
  • Bug #98546 - "Transient indexes statistics are updated in foreground causing performance issue". As noted by Charly Batista, if persistent statistics is not enabled InnoDB checks if 1/16 rows of the table have been changed and if this was the case, it calls the dict_stats_update function in the foreground. Moreover, it does not only degrade performance while recalculating stats in the foreground thread, but also sets RW_X_LATCH for the table in the process to serialize all access. So, use persistent statistics, but do not let it be automatically recalculated (and here I explained why).
  • Bug #98616 - "XA PREPARE/XA COMMIT/XA ROLLBACK lost if mysql crash just after binlog flush". Yet another problem with XA transactions support in MySQL. Dennis Gao provided a patch and kindly explained that currently:
    "When mysql start-up recover, the innodb engine will only recover the transaction in prepared state, which means the undo->state of the recovered transaction must be TRX_UNDO_PREPARED (check trx_rollback_resurrected in So if a "xa prepare" transaction only flush binlog, it will just be rollback during start-up recover and lost."
  • Bug #98624 - "Can't connect to MySQL after establishing around 65536 connections". Yet another great finding by Fungo Wang. Basically, this is a bug in the MDL subsystem, the scalability of MDL is limited to 65536 users, due to the pins number limitation (LF_PINBOX_MAX_PINS = 65536) of the LF_HASH it employs.
  • Bug #98639 - "Redundant row-level locking for secondary index". I think this simple case pointed out by Sergei Muraviev is a yet another case of excessive locking where improvement is possible. I do not agree with simple "Not a bug" status.
  • Bug #98642 - "CONSISTENT SNAPSHOT CAN BE CORRUPTED BY OTHER TRANSACTIONS". This is a really serious bug found by Erwan MAS. It took me some efforts to make sure this bug report was properly processed and verified (my comment in the bug report is hidden, but that does not matter as long as it was really treated seriously). Looks like MySQL 8.0.x may be not affected, but recent 5.7.x and 5.6.x versions are affected for sure. Take care!
  • Bug #98651 - "Inserting into temporary table from function breaks replication in MIXED mode". This regression bug in MySQL 8 (vs 5.7.29) was reported by Alexey Gavrilov, who had create a separate GitHub repository for the test case.
  • Bug #98665 - "replication broken on blackhole node if binlog_rows_query_log_events on master". This bug was reported by Zhenghu Wen. Take care if you use BLACKHOLE tables on slaves. Both MySQL 8.0.19 and 5.7.29 are affected.
  • Bug #98673 - "Allow hints to reference query block by system name". I like optimizer hints implementation in MySQL. This feature request to make them even more useful and less confusing in case of complex queries. As Kaiwang CHen put it:
    "Note that the query blocks are internally identified with a number
    (SELECT_LEX::select_number), with which system names are defined. That
    system name could be explored to refer to any query block in the query."
    I do not see a patch in the bug report, but there was a plan to provide it.
I have few more bugs in my list for February, but let's continue with them next time. We have many boring weeks ahead it seems...

Frida is always searching for something... I do the same with MySQL bugs.
To summarize:
  1. Group replication still has a lot of problems to resolve before becoming a really mature solution. Ask Galera developers :) 
  2. There are regressions in MySQL 8.0.19.
  3. Percona and Alibaba engineers still help to make MySQL better.
  4. I still do not see a consistent use of "regression" tag for verified regression bugs. This is unfortunate.
  5. InnoDB locking still needs more attention.
  6. There is too much Docker usage in the industry for my linking...

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