Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fun with Bugs #78 - On Some Public Bugs Fixed in MySQL 5.7.25

Today I'd like to continue my tradition of ignoring MySQL 8 (after all, I can not even build 8.0.14 any more on my Ubuntu 14.04, it's not supported suddenly because of old gcc version) and, of all MySQL server versions released by Oracle this week, concentrate on bugs reported in public bugs database and fixed in the latest minor release of MySQL 5.7 branch, 5.7.25.

This time there is only one InnoDB community-reported bug fixed, Buig #87423 - " assertion failed 'offset > 0' in os_file_io_complete", from Vasily Nemkov. See also it's duplicate, Bug #88956, by Aidan Diffey. Assertion failure seems to happen with 32-bit binaries running on 64-bit OS (both bugs are reported on Linux) and is related to infamous ulint type usage in the code, but for some reason release notes and closing comment mention Windows:
"An assertion was raised when attempting to write to a tablespace file greater than 4GB in size on a 64-bit Windows system. The failure was due to a narrowing cast."
Usually there are some bugs around flowers. But sometimes we can enjoy flowers without bugs...
There is a long enough list of replication bugs fixed:
  • Bug #92132 - "secure-file-priv breaks LOAD DATA INFILE replication in statement mode on 5.7.23". This regression bug (that had not got "regression" tag!) was reported by Nicolai Plum.
  • Bug #91941 - "Deadlock during purge_logs_before_date". Great bug report from Nikolai Ikhalainen. Note also that some hints by Jean-François Gagné and proper gdb backtrace analysis by Oracle engineers, Shane Bester and Dmitry Lenev, were needed to force proper processing of this bug. See also related Bug #92108 - "Deadlock by concurrent show binlogs, pfs session_variables table & binlog purge", from Shashank Sahni.
  • Bug #91548 - "LOCK_grant and LOCK_open can deadlock on a gtid slave". Great example of Shane Bester's regular work on bugs.
  • Bug #90640 - "`head->variables.gtid_next.type != UNDEFINED_GTID' ". One of those cases when assertion failure in debug build highlights real problem in the code. Great finding by Roel Van de Paar.
  • Bug #87832 - "Relay_Log_Space is inaccurate and leaks". Nice bug report by Manuel Ung. Related variable could be changed concurrently without any locking and get randomly wrong values.
  • Bug #84752 - "Multi-Slave Replication Fail: bogus data in log event". This bug was reported by Gonzalo Miguel Arruti . Eventually it seems internally reported Bug#22252394 - SLAVE I/O THREAD MAY STOP WHEN BINLOG ROTATES highlighted the real problem. Good to have this case fixed!
  • Bug #83003 - "Using temporary tables on slaves increases GTID sequence number". I am so happy to this bug reported by my former colleague Ovais Tariq fixed in 5.7! Patches provided by Laurynas Biveinis from Percona are finally backported. It's so sad to see slaves out of sync with master when GTIDs are used... For some reason this bug is not listed as replication-related and patches contributed are not mentioned in the release notes.
Some other fixes are also interesting to check:
  • Bug #92131  - "ASan: Direct leak of 272 byte(s) in main.mysqlpump_partial_bkp MTR test case". I mentioned this bug reported by Yura Sorokin from Percona in the past. Good to see it fixed. I truly hope Oracle is testing ASan builds regularly with MTR and we'll not see such reports from community any more. For now efforts of Percona engineers help, as we can see also from Bug #90238 - "Comparison of uninitailized memory in log_in_use" with patches from Zsolt Parragi and Laurynas Biveinis.
  • Bug #92049 - "bogus data when ordering results from variables_by_thread". Thanks to Shane Bester from Oracle (who still reports MySQL bugs in public), we have one bug less in otherwise near perfect Performance Schema.
  • Bug #90742 = "SIGHUP cause mysql server crash.". It was reported by Seunguck Lee. Good to see S1 crashing bug not blindly classified as "security" and hidden forever. Note also great analysis there provided by Jean-François Gagné! It would be impossible for any hidden bug to get this kind of useful feedback.
  • Bug #89214 - "The SELECT will deadlock in the stored procedure, if the result set is empty.". It took some time and efforts for bug reporter (two pg) to prove the point, confirm that the problem happens only with prepared statements and force proper processing. This regression bug (MySQL 5.6 was not affected) still does not have "regression" tag.
That's all bugs I wanted to mention today. To summarize:
  1. I'd surely consider immediate upgrade to 5.7.25 in any environment where replication is used.
  2. It seems Oracle engineers who process bugs still have no habit of adding "regression" tag when obviously needed. I'll ask bug reporters to do this themselves during my FOSDEM talk about MySQL bugs.
  3. Percona still helps Oracle to make MySQL better with proper QA efforts and patches.
  4. Most of the bugs mentioned here affected MySQL 8 as well, so from this post you know about many important fixes that happened in MySQL 8.0.14 :) 


  1. Something I would like to add to your summary: some bugs reported in 5.7 are fixed in 8.0 without any comments about 5.7 (see Bug#90742). This feels inappropriate to me and I would like that to be improved. Also see [1] concerning Bug#81441 which has not gotten any public feedback (I have heard a few things about this one via private channels though). I am sure we could find more examples if looking.


    1. Yes, it's sad to see no public comments on fix in 5.7 in