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Fun with Bugs #75 - On MySQL Bug Reports I am Subscribed to, Part XII

From the lack of comments to my previous post it seems everything is clear with ERROR 1213 in different kinds and forks of MySQL. I may still write a post of two about MyRocks or TokuDB deadlocks one day, but let's get back to my main topic of MySQL bugs. Today I continue my series of posts about community bug reports I am subscribed to with a review of bugs reported in November, 2018, starting from the oldest and skipping those MySQL 8 regression ones I've already commented on. I also skip documentation bugs that should be a topic for a separate post one day (to give more illustration to these my statements).

These are the most interesting bug reports from Community members in November 2018:
  • Bug #93139 - "mysqldump temporary views missing definer". This bug reported by Nikolai Ikhalainen from Percona looks like a regression (that can appear in a bit unusual case of missing root user) in all versions starting from 5.6. There is no regression tag, surely. Also for some reason I do not see 8.0.x as affected version, while from the text it seems MySQL 8 is also affected.
  • Bug #93165 - "Memory leak in sync_latch_meta_init() after mysqld shutdown detected by ASan". This bug was reported by Yura Sorokin from Percona, who also made important statement in his last comment (that I totally agree with):
    "In commit you literally made 14 MTR test cases ignore ALL memory problems detected by ASan, not only those which you consider 'OK' when you terminate the process with the call to 'exit()'. In other words, new memory leaks introduced in FUTURE commits may not be detected because of those changes. Address Sanitizer is a very powerful tool and its coverage should be constantly extending rather than shrinking."
  • Bug #93196 - "DD crashes on assert if ha_commit_trans() returns error". It seems Vlad Lesin from Percona spent notable time testing everything related to new MySQL 8 data dictionary (maybe while Percona worked on their Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 that should have MyRocks also supported, should be able to provide native partitioning and proper integration with data dictionary). See also his Bug #93250 - "the result of tc_log->commit() is ignored in trans_commit_stmt()".
  • Bug #93241 - "Query against full text index with ORDER BY silently fails". Nice finding by Jonathan Balinski, with detailed test cases and comments added by Shane Bester. One more confirmation that FULLTEXT indexes in InnoDB are still problematic.
  • Bug #93276 - "Crash when calling mysql_real_connect() in loop". Nice regression in C API (since 8.0.4!) noted by Reggie Burnett and still not fixed.
  • Bug #93321 - "Assertion `rc == TYPE_OK' failed". The last but not the least, yet another debug assertion (and error in non-debug build) found in MySQL 8.0.13 by Roel Van de Paar from Percona. You already know where QA for MySQL happens to large extent, don't you?
  • Bug #93361 - "memory/performance_schema/table_handles have memory leak!". It's currently in "Need Feedback" status and may end up as not a bug, but I've never seen 9G of memory used for just one Performance Schema table so far. It's impressive.
  • Bug #93365 - "Query on performance_schema.data_locks causes replication issues". Probably the first case when it was proved that query to some Performance Schema table may block some important server activity. Nice finding by Daniël van Eeden.
  • Bug #93395 - "ALTER USER succeeds on master but fails on slave." Yet another way to break replication was found by Jean-François Gagné. See also his Bug #93397 - "Replication does not start if restart MySQL after init without start slave."
  • Bug #93423 - "binlog_row_image=full not always honored for binlog_format=MIXED". For some reason this bug (with a clear test case) reported by James Lawrie is still "Open".
  • Bug #93430 - "Inconsistent output of SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Handler_read_key';". This weird inconsistency was found by Przemysław Skibiński from Percona.
Thinking about the future of MySQL 8 somewhere in Greenwich...
To summarize this review:
  1. I obviously pay a lot of attention to bug reports from Percona engineers.
  2. It seems memory problems detected by ASan in some MTR test cases are deliberately ignored instead of being properly fixed.
  3. There are still many surprises waiting for early adopters of MySQL 8.0 GA :) 
That's all I have to say about specific MySQL bugs in 2018. Next "Fun with Bugs" post, if any, will appear only next year. I am already subscribed to 11 bugs reported in December 2018. Stay tuned!

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  1. I am the author of the test mentioned in Bug #93165: innodb.log_file_name.

    For what it is worth, one of the first things that I fixed in MariaDB Server in 10.2 between joining the company in late 2016 and the GA release in 2017 were the various memory leaks in InnoDB startup and shutdown. I not only wrote new recovery tests to uncover bugs, but also rewrote a number of old tests so that they use the normal server restart mechanism, which allows all parts of the tests to be run not only with AddressSanitizer, but also with Valgrind. Also, I cleaned up many tests that used to use DBUG_SUICIDE for killing the server, and used an external kill instead. In this way, the tests can be run under Valgrind, which still remains the primary tool of choice for detecting use of uninitialized variables.

    In MySQL 5.7, errors in InnoDB startup and shutdown are maybe not considered as bad, because InnoDB is a mandatory storage engine. In MariaDB, the server can start up even if InnoDB fails to start due to a problem.

    I have more confidence in the quality of the InnoDB crash recovery code if I can actually exercise all the code also with memory debugging tools.