Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fun with Bugs #40 - Bugs fixed in MySQL 5.7.10

MySQL 5.7.10, the first release after MySQL 5.7 GA announcement, appeared almost a week ago. It's interesting to check what bugs reported by MySQL Community were fixed in this version, hence this post (that had to wait during the weekdays busy with usual support work). As usual, I'll concentrate mostly on InnoDB, replication and optimizer-related bug fixes and highlight names of those who reported and verified each bug.

Let's start with InnoDB. The following bugs reported by MySQL Community users were fixed:
  • Bug #78623 - "Small tablespaces with BLOBs take up to 80 times more space in 5.7 than in 5.6". This serious regression was reported by my colleague Laurynas Biveinis and verified by Umesh well before 5.7.9 release, but probably too late to get fixed there. This is not the only example of bugs that could be fixed in the first 5.7 GA release theoretically. Either MySQL release process is too long in Oracle now, or they were just in a hurry to announce 5.7GA "in time"...
  • Bug #78494 - "InnoDB: Failing assertion: !(&buf_pool->mutex)->is_owned() line 3388", was reported by  Roel Van de Paar and verified by Umesh. As well as some other bugs I am going to mention today, it shows that when proper QA efforts are applied community users may still find cases that are missed by Oracle MySQL QA.
  • Bug #77321 - "Import tablespace may fail with invalid corruption error". This bug was originally found in MySQL 5.6 by Santosh Praneeth Banda, who had also suggested a way to fix, and verified by Shaohua Wang (probably).  
  • Bug #78410 is still private, so we can not get the details. I do not understand why this bug is still hidden, as according to the release notes:
    "After a crash on Windows, copying the data directory to a non-Windows platform to perform the restore caused a crash recovery failure on startup. The code did not convert file path separators from \ to / in the redo log."
  • Bug #78336 - "handle_fatal_signal (sig=11) in dict_table_t::get_ref_count". It was reported for debug build by  Roel Van de Paar and verified by Shane Bester, who had provided an even simpler test case and clarified the impact. I just do not get it while, with the fix ready back on September 22 (according to the last comment), it was NOT included in 5.7.9...
  • Bug #78197 - "COMPRESSION column in innodb_sys_tablespaces is not correct", was reported by Zhai Weixiang and verified by Umesh.
  • Bug #77572 - "The bogus duplicate key error in online ddl with incorrect key name". It also affects 5.6 and was reported (with both MTR test case and patch suggested) by Zhang Yingqiang. Surely, it was easy for Sinisa Milivojevic to verify it.
  • Bug #77128 - "Regression in dealing with filesystem limits", was reported for 5.6 and 5.7 by my colleagues Przemyslaw Malkowski and verified by Umesh.
  • Bug #73225 - "If tablespace exists, can't CREATE table, but can ALTER ENGINE=InnoDB". It was reported for 5.6 by Federico Razzoli and verified by my colleague Sveta Smirnova while she was still working in Oracle... 
  • Bug #78728 - "InnoDB: Failing assertion: 0 in file line 3526 ". This debug-binaries only assertion failure was reported by Roel Van de Paar and verified by Umesh.
There are many more bugs fixed in InnoDB, but they were internal-only, probably found by Oracle QA.

I see only two replication-related bugs from Community users fixed in 5.7.10:
  • Bug #76795 - "2pc succeeds even though binlog flush/sync fails". It was originally reported for MySQL 5.6 by  Santosh Praneeth Banda, who had suggested the patch, and verified by Umesh. See also Bug #68953 reported long time ago as a regression bug in 5.6 by Laurynas Biveinis.
As for optimizer, the list is also really short:
  • Bug #78260  - "handle_fatal_signal (sig=11) in Partition_helper::ph_read_range_first on SELECT". It was reported by Roel Van de Paar and verified by Umesh. The bug is related to partition pruning, so we can blame optimizer as well.
  • Bug #78665 - "GCOLS: GCOL VALUE CHANGES WHEN SESSION CHANGES SQL_MODE". Guilhem Bichot had reported this for MySQL Community to note, and probably he had fixed the bug himself later.The bug was verified by Miguel Solorzano.
  • Bug #78641 - "cast of too big HEX literal to BIGINT UNSIGNED: bad result and no warning". It was reported by Guilhem Bichot and verified by Umesh. MySQL 5.6 was also affected, and the fix is in 5.6.28.
  • Bug #77480 - "Wrong results for truncated column and aggregation". It was reported by DaniĆ«l van Eeden and verified by Umesh. Shane Bester had added a very simple test case later that also demonstrates the problem in MySQL 5.5 and 5.6 (where it is NOT fixed).
To summarize, we see a lot of fixes in InnoDB and 5.7.10 finally fixed some problems known for a long time (now that it's the latest GA release we'll probably get most fixes in 5.7 and only some of them will be back ported to 5.6), but there is still a long way to go. If you are interested in bugs I considered important in 5.7.9, check this post. Only 6 bugs listed there are closed.

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