Friday, December 27, 2013

Fun with Bugs #25 - MySQL bugs Oracle fixed for me this year

I've checked recently and noted that I've sent 50 reports about MySQL bugs, features I'd like to see and unclear/missing manual pages this year. It all started with famous Bug #68079 (reported on January 14, 2013), that got a lot of attention, valuable workaround from Oracle and caused a lot of work that is going to improve MySQL scalability substantially in the future.

Oracle had also implemented this my (and not only mine!) feature request, Bug #69527, and in MySQL 5.7.3 PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA finally exposes metadata locks information. This is a great and long waited step forward in instrumentation.

Besides that, 12 of my documentation requests were satisfied:
  • Bug #68089 - "Manual refers to wrong (old?) column names for some P_S tables"
  • Bug #68181 - "Release notes for 5.6.11 reference wrong bug number"
  • Bug #68223 - "Manual for ALTER TABLE is wrong about mixing partitioning and other changes"
  • Bug #69697 - "Manual has not enough details on how to use transportable tablespaces"
  • Bug #69701 - "ALTER TABLE ... IMPORT TABLESPACE does not check foreign keys"
  • Bug #69717 - "DML statements replicated via RBR are not logged in the general query log"
  • Bug #69865 - "Wrong default MESSAGE_TEXT values for SIGNALs are listed in the manual"
  • Bug #70682  - "The description for --version-check in the summary table is wrong"
  • Bug #70683 - "The description is wrong for --server-public-key-path=file_name"
  • Bug #70741 - "InnoDB background stats thread is not properly documented"
  • Bug #70991 - "Manual seems to recommend IDEMPOTENT mode for all cases of master-master"
  • Bug #71103 - "Wrong syntax is used as example in the manual"
Thank you, Jonathan Stephens and Paul Dubois, for your hard work to improve MySQL manual! I know, you had hard times with me more than once...

Also just yesterday one my feature request for was finally implemented, Bug #70631, "8K limit for "How to repeat" filed is too restrictive"! I hit it several times during this year and it seems now we have a new limit, 32K. Good news!

Anything else? Actually, no. So, 15 out of 50 or so (I still have time to report few more). Of them one new feature in 5.7.3 9very important one) and one performance problem studied, with more work to do... Why is that so, maybe the rest of my reports were irrelevant, wrong or useless? You can check yourself or wait for the next issues of "Fun with Bugs", where I'll try to check other bugs I've reported in 2013.

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