Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fun with Bugs #55 - On Some Public Bugs Fixed in MySQL 8.0.2

I do not care much about MySQL 8.0.x at the moment, as it's far from being GA and is work in progress. It is not yet used by customers whom I have to support. But I know about many interesting changes and improvements there that, eventually, are going to influence all main forks and kinds of MySQL. So, it would not be wise to ignore MySQL 8.0.c entirely even for me.

For this post I decided to briefly check what community reported bugs were fixed in the recent release, 8.0.2, based on release notes. For me it's a measure of community interest in MySQL 8.0.x and Oracle's interest in further working with MySQL Community. I ended up with the following, short enough list of bug fixes in the categories I usually care about (InnoDB, partitioning, replication and optimizer):
  • The very first InnoDB bug mentioned in the release notes, Bug #85043, is private. I fail to see any valid reason for a bug in the version currently under development and not declared GA to remain private after the fix is released. If only it affects GA versions, and this is the case. The bug is fixed in 5.7.19 as well, as you can see in my previous post.
  • Another bug that is related to InnoDB and optimizer, is Bug #81031. It was also fixed in MySQL 5.6.37 and 5.7.19.
  • Bug #84038 - "Errors when restarting MySQL after FLUSH TABLES FOR EXPORT, RENAME and DROP", was also fixed in MySQL 5.7.19. I am actually surprised that as this stage we still have older InnoDB internal data dictionary tables in MySQL 8.0.x.
  • Group replication related Bug #85667, Bug #85047, Bug #84728  and Bug #84733 were also listed as fixed in MySQL 5.7.19.
  • Same situation with normal async replication bugs: Bug #83184, Bug #82283, Bug #81232, Bug #77406 etc. It's expected to see fixes applied to the oldest version affected and then fixes merged to newer versions.
  • The first really unique fix in 8.0.2 that I found was Bug #85639 - "XA transactions are 'unsafe' for RPL using SBR". It was reported by João Gramacho (who probably works for Oracle) originally for MySQL 5.7 and is going to be fixed in MySQL 5.7.20 also.
  • Replication-related Bug #85739 is still private. Release notes say:
    "Issuing SHOW SLAVE STATUS FOR CHANNEL 'group_replication_recovery' following a restart of a server using group replication led to an unplanned shutdown."
  • Yet another private replication bugs fixed in 8.0.2 are: Bug #85405, Bug #85084, Bug #84646Bug #84471, Bug #82467 and Bug #80368. I do not know who reported them, what versions are affected (but I suspect .5.7.x also) and why are they remaining private after being fixed in 8.0.2.
  • The first 8.0.x specific public bug report I've found in the release notes was reported by Andrey Hristov and verified by Umesh Shastry. It is Bug #85937 - "Unchecked read after allocated buffer".
  • Bug #86120 - "Upgrading a MySQL instance with a table name of >64 chars results in breakage", was reported by Daniël van Eeden and verified by Umesh Shastry. I expect a lot of problem reports when users starts to upgrade to 8.0... See also Bug #84889 - "MYSQL 8.0.1 - MYSQLD ERRORLOG UPGRADE ERRORS AT SERVER START LIVE UPGRADE", by Susan Koerner.
  • Bug #85994 - "Out-of-bounds read in fix_paths", was reported by Laurynas Biveinis and verified by Umesh Shastry. Percona seems to care a lot about improving MySQL 8.0 (as well as other Oracle MySQL GA versions). See also Bug #85678 by Laurynas and Bug #85059 by Roel Van de Paar.
  • Jon Olav Hauglid seems to care about the new data dictionary code quality, so he had reported related public bugs: Bug #85811, Bug #85800, and Bug #83473.
  • Bug #85704 - "mysql 8.0.x crashes when old-style trigger misses the "created" line in .TRG", was reported by Shane Bester. Workaround was also suggested by Jesper Krogh. Shane also reported this nice regression Bug #83019 - "queries in "show processlist" oscillate with constant times higher each day", that is now fixed in 8.0.2.
  • Bug #85614 - "alter table fails when default character set changes to utf8mb4", was reported by Tor Didriksen. He had also reported Bug #85224 - "Illegal mix of collations for time/varchar".
  • Bug #85518 - "Distinct operations on temp tables allocate too little memory for sort keys", was reported by Steinar Gunderson. He had also reported Bug #85487 - "num_tmp_files in filesort optimizer trace is nonsensical".
  • Bug #85179 - "Assert in sql/ virtual String* Field_varstring::val_str", was reported by Matthias Leich.
I skipped several bugs that are fixed also in older versions. Many of them were already discussed in my posts. I also skipped all build/compilation/packaging bugs for now.

To summarize, while total number of public bug reports fixed in MySQL 8.0.2 is notable, many of these bugs were reported by few Oracle engineers who are still brave enough to report bugs in public. From Community, it seems only mostly Percona and engineers do care to check MySQL 8.0.x at this early stage and report bugs. I am especially concerned with the number of private bug reports mentioned in the release notes of 8.0.2...

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