Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Guidebook for Percona Live Amsterdam, 2015 - Part II

I see on Facebook that many of my friends are already on their way to Amsterdam for Percona Live Amsterdam 2015 that starts on Monday. As I explained, I am not going there, but I'd like to share my ideas on what presentations are worth attending.

So, the program for the last day, September 23, also looks really interesting and I'd have real problems on where to go for most of the slots. As usual, I'd try to listen to all keynotes, but I am especially interested in The Virtues of Boring Technology as I had not seen my former MySQL AB's colleague Kristian Köhntopp (now from for a long time already. The panel discussion after it, on The next disruptive technology, should be also interesting.

After short break I'd probably go to one of these sessions:
But I would not be surprised to find myself listening about MariaDB 10.1 as well...

Next slot is a real problem. I never miss a chance to find out what new performance records Dimitrii Kravtchuk managed to get from poor old MySQL, so
MySQL 5.7 Performance: Scalability & Benchmarks is a must. But I also try to visit all presentations on replication by Luis Soares from Oracle as well, so I'd hardly could afford to miss
The Latest and Greatest MySQL 5.7 Replication Features and More! But these sessions happen at the same time. I'd get a real problem if I'd go to the conference, so lucky I am that I stay at home and can spend time cutting good oak wood. Winter is coming, you know...

After lunch I'd go to listen to my colleague Vlad Lesin, who speaks about TokuDB internals. I've already attended a couple of presentations on fractal trees and TokuDB performance achievements, and surely I can always ask a question to my colleagues in Support who previously worked in Tokutek, but I really wonder what Vlad thinks about the code. He is one of the best developers in Percona and I am impressed by his analysis and work on several MySQL bugs, so I'd consider this session a real opportunity to find out what we can expect from TokuDB in production.

Next slot is also not a problem for me. I'd like to be at the Non Blocking DDL in Galera Cluster session by Seppo Jaakola from Codership. "Online" DDL for a single MySQL instance is already a problem, so doing it in a truly non-blocking manner on Galera/PXC cluster requires something new. I'd like to know more about this feature of Galera 4.0.

After that I'd either got to listen to LeFred explaining his hacks at Undelete rows from the binary log a hacking session (as far as I remember he presented something similar on FOSDEM 2015) or, if I'd like to speak more than to listen, I'd just go and tell Oracle engineers what MySQL still misses! 
MySQL 5.8 Dreaming and Brainstorming is the ideal session to do this. Personally I want constraints checks at transaction boundaries (not for each row), fully cost-based optimizer, ALTER that is really online/non-blocking, and war in Ukraine stopped. Guess what of these will happen at the moment of MySQL 5.8 GA...

Lightning Talks are always fun, so I'd go to listen to them next.

For the last slot I'd have to choose one of the following sessions:
  • MySQL at Wikipedia: How we do relational data at the Wikimedia Foundation - yet another case of web-scale MySQL usage presented by my former colleague from Percona (Jaime Crespo), and MySQL AB (Sean Pringle). I miss working with Sean a lot, he was a key member of "dream team" that provided MySQL support during APAC hours in MySQL AB. I stayed online and working more than once to cover APAC hours, as it was a real pleasure to work with this team!
  • At the same time, for the very last slot, we have Jeremy and Davi speaking about InnoDB data storage structures again at the session InnoDB: A hands-on exploration of on-disk storage with innodb_ruby. Surely I can just try myself and real great blog posts, but I never miss their talks... What shell I do? 

I shell keep cutting oak wood and help Percona customers, but you, those who plan to attend Percona Live Amsterdam, are in real troubles!


  1. do you know if Shlomos talk was recorded?

    1. Andrew,

      I've got the following reply after checking internally:

      "We did not record any talks in Amsterdam unfortunately. We are trying a new approach in Santa Clara to make this more affordable. If the new plan works we will implement it next year at PLAM."