Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun with Bugs #27 - bug reports from my teammates at Percona

Surely, I am not the only one in Percona who reports MySQL bugs. In my old post, "17 Famous MySQL Bug Reporters", I've already mentioned Roel Van de PaarAlexey Kopytov and Peter Zaitsev.They had contributed a lot over years.

In this post I'd like to concentrate on bug reports from my Support colleagues at Percona. Many of their contributions are notably more important than anything I've ever reported. Many bugs they reported are fixed. Oracle recently started to recognize in public Community contributions in a form of the bug reports, so you had a chance to see some of the names mentioned below, with explicit thanks to them. Still, I think it makes sense to repeat them again.

So, here is a list of my colleagues who used to work in Percona Support team in 2013 and report MySQL bugs, with total number of bug reports from them as of today and 1-2 reports highlighted as most important ones. You can click on the name to see the list of all bugs reported by each person, started from the recent ones:
  • Jaime Sicam had reported only one MySQL Workbench bug this year (that was fixed in 6.0.1). But his older bug report, Bug #64922, "Foreign Key Error on CREATE TABLE after ALTER TABLE and DROP TABLE statements.", that I verified in 2012 while working in Oracle, is still waiting for some attention (even though it may be already fixed in 5.6.6+).
  • Jervin Real had reported 11 bugs in total, 8 of them in 2013. Check his Bug #70404, "Bit Value Not being Dumped Properly by mysqldump". BIT data type causes many small but annoying problems in MySQL, and inability to dump values properly is one of them. Use TINYINT or CHAR(1) instead, really...
  • Justin Swanhart is already famous as bug reporter based on his contributions to MySQL 5.6. He had reported 21 bugs in 2013. Oldest of his reports, Bug #68607, "REPLACE statement not properly logged in binary log in RBR", is still just "Verified" though.
  • Miguel Angel Nieto was also recognized as a valuable contributor by Oracle, because of Bug #69861 he had reported this year (fixed in 5.6.15). His old documentation request, Bug #63128, "explanation of the behavior of innodb_autoinc_lock_mode = 1 with INSERT IGNORE", is still waiting for some attention.
  • Muhammad Irfan had reported Bug #70537, "No users created under MySQL system database for RPM based installation", that ended up as a verified documentation request.
  • Ovais Tariq had reported 11 bugs in total, of them 5 in 2013. Most of his recent reports are still waiting for the fix, and they are pretty serious. Check Bug #69680, "Auto_inc value not properly generated with RBR and auto_inc column only on slave", for example.
  • Paul Namuag - had reported Bug #71188, "Strange beheavior ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE when auto_increment reaches MAXINT", recently. It was declared "Not a bug", but I think there is still something to fix. Hence my Bug #71232, "Wrong behaviour for auto_increment unsigned bigint column approaching max value ". 
  • Przemyslaw Malkowski had reported 6 bugs this year, and 4 of them are still waiting for the fixes. Check his recent finding, Bug #71211, "ARCHIVE engine does not guarantee UNIQUE and PRIMARY KEY constraints".
  • Raghavendra Prabhu  had reported Bug #69969, "Failing assertion: prebuilt->trx->conc_state == 1 from subselect", this year. Still waiting for the fix. Note that this bug was found as a result of his ongoing QA efforts using RQG. It seems Raghu has more than one account in the bugs database, so here is the list of 5 more bugs he had reported (3 of them in 2013).
Even though he does not work in Support formally, but Laurynas Biveinis must be mentioned in any good list of MySQL contributors. With his 54 bug reports in total (many of them with patches), of them 27 reported in 2013, he is one of the key Community contributors recently. Still, some of his reports, like Bug #68725, "UNIV_MEM_DEBUG needlessly slow, especially with UNIV_ZIP_DEBUG", are waiting for formal processing, not even the fix...

Anyway, as you can see, Percona employees contribute not only to Percona software users, but also to upstream MySQL users. We report bugs, so we care!


  1. I also report bugs!

  2. I know, Jaime! This post started as one of several and initial idea was to include only my colleagues from Support and/or those who worked in/with Support this year, but then I've included Laurynas and it ended up as covering not only Support colleagues but still incomplete. Sorry for this. I'll try to fix this.