Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun with Bugs #9 - MySQL 5.6.12, quick review

So, it seems we have MySQL 5.6.12 released officially. We have great Changes in MySQL 5.6.12 page already widely shared and people already blogging about a feature implemented by my dear friend Sinisa.

Quick scroll over changes shows 130+ bugs fixed and it will surely take time to understand the impact of all these fixes. We have 2 months for this till next release, so eventually we'll find out what's good in MySQL 5.6.12 and should we immediately switch to it from all other older 5.x.y versions.

But we have to start with something, and I'd like to start with bugs that I've mentioned in issue #7 and issue #6 of "Fun with Bugs" series here. Let's check them one by one, starting with older ones:

Bug #68299 - closed, fixed in 6.5.12
Bug #68251 (and Bug #68569) - closed, fixed in 5.6.12
Bug #68250 (semisync replication) - declared "Not a bug" for reasons I do not completely understand.
Bug #68220 (minor, when replication info is stored in tables) - still "Verified", but it's minor...
Bug #68192 (data types) - it was reported at 5.5.29 and 5.6.9 times and got no visible attention since verification. Nothing changed. This happens more often than I'd like to see with bug reports from Elena/MariaDB. I wonder why...
Bug #68171 (missing manual) - still no comments, since 5.6 RC times. Nothing changed.
Bug #68144 (custom character sets, regression) - no visible progress since 5.6 RC times. Nothing changed. Is this because SkySQL is now MariaDB? Who knows...
Bug #68097 (incomplete manual) - still "Verified". No changes. But this is a documentation request and from me, and I "like" SkySQL and MariaDB often enough at Facebook, so maybe logic is the same. Kidding... 
Bug #68079 (lack of scalability for joins) - this my report was mentioned by DimitriK during the Conference and I am sure Oracle is working on it, but public bugs database shows nothing new.
Bug #68041 (zero date, regression) - from Elena. Still no comments
Bug #67982 (partitioning) - from Elena. Still no comments, since last year
Bug #68350 - closed, fixed in 5.6.12!
Bug #68525 - replication bug verified since February 28. No visible progress.
Bug #69005 - regression bug in optimizer. Still "Verified" since April 19.

Now, more recently reported or updated:

Bug #69095 -  replication fails with GTID enabled and master changes from SBR to RBR. Now back to "Open", but Giuseppe proved it is repeatable (his way, using MySQL Sandbox) even with 5.6.12. So, just some time wasted.
Bug #69135 - mysql.slave_master_info is not updated. Still "Verified", but not so much time passed since May 6, so let's hope for 5.6.13 to fix it.
Bug #69236 -  still "Open". But it seems Mark Callaghan is sure that Oracle works on single-thread performance issues he reported, so we can stop caring much about this and just wait for outcomes...
Bug #68354 - the last but not the least, my favorite Federated storage engine keeps providing interesting ways to crash server. Bug was reported for 5.6.10 and is still "Verified".

That is, of 18 bugs I "cared about" for whatever reasons as of 5.6.11 only 3 or 4 were fixed in 5.6.12. Let's hope you are more lucky.

In any case, 5.6.12 looks like a good step forward, with many serious bugs fixed. I see only 17 bugs explicitly mentioned as affecting 5.6.12 here, and none of them looks like a recent regression (correct me if I am wrong). So, MySQL 5.6 is moving into the right direction, no matter what I write or do.

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