Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good bye, Oracle...

Most of my current and former colleagues already know this, others who care could probably note my unusually low activity at, but still formal announcement is needed. August 31, 2012 was my last working day at MySQL Support team in Oracle. I've spent great 7+ years in MySQL Support, but I think that Oracle is no longer the best place for me to work at. It's time to pass Redwood Shores (I had never been there anyway).

Now I am support engineer at Percona. This is what may happen when you read too often and even quote it to customers, no matter if they are MySQL AB, Sun or Oracle customers.

I hope with all these new duties, procedures and events I'll still be able to contribute something useful to MySQL community bug reports, both at and at lp:percona-server.


  1. Good Luck, indeed. It always was a pleasure to work with you, Miguel and Sveta (just to mention the most prominent supporters at Thanks for all your patient corrections of my mistakes not at least!


    1. Thank you for numerous bug reports. Even taking (sincere) mistakes and your strong opinion about MySQL Installer on Windows into account, I think your bug reports and comments are usually very useful. Thank you for your ongoing care about the quality of MySQL software.

  2. 7 years is a long time! I hope you enjoy your new employer. Personally I'm just happy when people stay within the ecosystem, regardless of which colors their shirt is, so to speak.

  3. Oracle Support customers will miss you. But the fix is easy -- get Percona Support.

    That was a great billboard. Do you happen to have the rubber knives that Oracle gave out to warn people about the dangers of Illustra/Informix data blades?

    1. Yes, I always wanted to use this billboard in the Web. No knives though... At 1990s I worked for Oracle customer and OTN partner that eventually became Informix partnet also (since 1997), but the only things I've got from Oracle at that times were T-shirt and mouse pad with Oracle logos. Both still exist... I've got one less gift as Oracle employee.

      Somebody from local Informix sales gave me great small swiss army knife with the same Informix logo as on that billboard (I do not like later one). This thing is still sharp and is used almost every day! Informix hardware was as great as Informix software :)

  4. Hi Valeriy,

    congratulations to you and Percona, and thanks for all the bugs you verified and reproduced! I'm sure you'll do well in your new career.

    kind regards and best of luck in the future,